Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sentimental First-Timer

  Well, it's really my first time to compete for journalism seriously. So, forgive me for the content of this blog. I would just want to blurt out all my gloomy feelings for the recently concluded Division Schools Press Conference.

   Since I'm just new to this craft- editorial writing, it's too impossible for me to to be included in the Top Seven finalists for the RSPC. I was taught intently by my mentors who are veterans in this expertise. I felt humiliated by someone yet this let me ascend more and recap all the lectures from past workshops. I was constantly scolded every night for coming home late for after-school meetings. Well, it's worth it yet I'm still not good enough.

   I have betrayed all the people who wished me good lucks before and even after my contest. I've blabbed the trust my parents gave me, all the hopes and appreciations were all impelled off just because of an unfaithful result.

   Well, I won't reprimand the board of judges for the outcome of the contested events. Yet, I would want to look after the criteria if it was really followed as it is. (hahahaha) I sounded like I'm not really favor on the result, it's unjust for us, as well as the other competing schools who poured out their all-out effort for a good article yet their price declined. We brought home unexpected cries and hesitations.

  After knowing the result of the 2011 DSPC, I immediately went to my coach, asked for forgiveness for not making it, for not adding laurels of Journalism to my school, for failing, for not giving ghim the utmost appreciation for being the coach, and for not being good enough. He said it's okay, at least I competed fairly. And he held out his arms then embraced me cheerfully. Afterwards, a crying mass followed. Well, for me, that night was the most sparkling of all nights! I got the chance to hug him for the very first time :""""""">

   DSPC, it was not only a competition, but a well-learned lesson. It challenges you to compete for the fast-pace changing world we knew, to compete fairly, to hug the outcome with gladness. Make the most out of everything. Every contest has it's winner and losers. Well, it doesn't matter if you're the winner or the loser, after all, it doesn't define your true self. :)

  Have all the best of love. Break free. -joreina

Monday, 31 October 2011

Spiritual Getaway

   After the Recollection last Sunday, I felt my being guarded by the Big Guy up there. I feel like I'm whole again after series of activities in the recollection. My being has been solely directed by God. I began to know my self in a deeper abyss with His guidance and through the intercession of the holy saints.
   Last Sunday was all about human interaction. It focused more on our closeness to one another. One of the, probably, highlights of the recollection is the Johari's window. There are basically 4 parts. The "open" quadrant represents things that both I know about myself, and that you know about me. The "blind" quadrant represents things that you know about me, but that I am unaware of. The "hidden" quadrant represents things that I know about myself, that you do not know. The "unknown" quadrant represents things that neither I know about myself, nor you know about me, only God knows it. Luckily on the first part, most of them are familiar to my friendliness. Haha. Now that's affirmation. I only got so frustrated on what was the outcome on the next step. Plenty of them wrote "Mahirap kasama (hard to get along with) which wasn't true. I admit, I rarely engage my self to new ones or to the people I anonymously know but if you try to get to know me, I'm the most gaga in the bunch. Poor people.

   I cried so hard when Sister Reggie read a letter from a parent (which is familiar to me). It depicted on how the old parents longed for their rebellious child's love and care. I did a little research for that letter but unfortunately I found none. Then, Sister distributed letters written by our own parents. Yeah, good guess. That made me cry a river since my mom is my everything. :'( Sister, then, asked us to write back. And I did. it was the most rewarding feeling. I don't care if they'll send the letter to my parents, what's inside the letter came from the bottom of my heart.
   We capped the day with hand shakes and hugs with our fellow friends. I'm looking forward to another spiritual recollection by the end of the year. So far, this has been one of the most memorable yet because it's really rare to collect us all together.

Have all the best of love. Break free. -Joreina

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

No Other Woman (A Review)

   AFFECTION. TEMPTATION. REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS. These are the ingredients that mix up a masterpiece drama.
   A POWERHOUSE CAST. Brilliant actors and catapulted-well actresses that are noted for memorable roles. Roles that are well-remembered and modern characteristics of Filipino at contemporary time.
   REAL-LIFE SCENARIO. Modernized plot that involves a present scenario of the Philippines that viewers could feel a common mutual relation between the characters and the audience.
   KILLER LINES. This highly-acclaimed drama film won the flavors of the typical Filipino tastes. No Other Woman dished up sizzling and hot lines that could kill a snake in a glance , figuratively. Nonetheless, this film shoots out an interesting lines that would be worth-remembered. It depicted dialogues that people emulated even before the film released its trailer.
   No doubt that No Other Woman upgraded itself to Philippines' tip highest grossing films of all time (P250million), beating the undisputed Sarah Geronimo-John Lloyd Cruz starrer "You Changed My Life" (P209million), and even ranked third highest grossing local and foreign films in the Philippines, over topped by Transformers and Kung Fu Panda 2.

Image Detail

ANNE CURTIS’ LINES from No Other Woman
“No pressure! And kiss me and don’t you dare fall in love with me.
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“We’re just two consenting adults having fun, there’s no emotional attachment.
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“You will only be called a mistress when there’s an emotional attachment. I’m not a mistress.
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“Anong gagawin niyo if the only man that you love is unfortunately married!
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“I’m not gonna give up Ram without putting up a god damn fight!
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“You can call me whatever you want,SNAKE, BITCH or OTHER WOMAN, but I promise you,
I will never be a PATHETIC and BORING housewife.
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“Every day I’m trying to convince myself na mamahalin din nya ako, pero sayo pa din sya umuuwi.
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“I don’t need to read your research report. I know the market because I am the market.
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“Paano mo naman malalaman na masarap pala pag di mo titikman?
Kahit alam mong bawal, labanan mo cos’ eventually your body will just get used to it.
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“Gagawin ko ang lahat huwag mo lang akong iiwan!
- Kara Zalderiaga”
- Kara Zalderiaga”
“Mababaliw siguro ako kung malaman kong may babae siya.  Baka mapatay ko yung kabit, silang dalawa actually.
- Charmaine Escaler”
“Tsaka ano bang mahirap kalaban? Yung putang mahirap o yung putang mayaman?
- Charmaine Escaler”
“Ayoko na! Ayoko na! Alam ko naman eh, ang sakit lang, ang sakit sakit lang
nung marinig ko. Hindi ko dapat ginagawa to pero ginagawa ko to
dahil mahal na mahal kita!
- Charmaine Escaler”
“Sabi nila, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
Sa ganda mong yan, siguro madami kang alam na shortcuts.
- Charmaine Escaler”
“Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village.
Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters.
- Charmaine Escaler”
DEREK RAMSAY LINES from No Other Woman
- Ram Escaler”
 “Ang laki ng kasalanan ko, hindi ko na maayos to!
- Ram Escaler”
Other Character LINES from No Other Woman
 “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher, maagawan ka, lumaban ka! – Carmi Martin”
“Pareparehong puta lang yun! Ang mayaman bumibili ng hermes sa mall, ang mahirap bumibili ng hermes sa greenhills. – Carmi Martin”
“Having fun? Ngayon yes fun!  Pero paano pag iniwan ka na niya? Paano pag pinili na niya ang asawa niya?  Paano pag na skandalao na ang pamilya mo?  Fun pa rin ba! – Ricci Chan”
“Meron ba ditong paparty ni barney na hindi ko alam? – Kitkat”
No Other Woman Movie Dialogues
“ Kara: Are you here to make a scene???
Charmaine: Only if you have an affair with my husband, meron ba???”
“Charmaine: Why don’t you have dinner with us tonight, pa thank you ko na rin dahil kinuha mo ang asawa ko.
Kara: I’m sorry?
“Charmaine: Bilang supplier ng furniture para sa resort niyo.”
“Kara: Anything I can do to help you?
Charmaine: Naku huwag na, mamaya makita mo na nilalagyan ko ang pagkain mo ng lason.”

Have all the best for love. Break free. -Joreina

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Filipino Values in Retrospect

    (a literary piece of Ma. Joreina Therese A. Blanco for the 2nd Voice of the Youth National Oratorical Competition)

  The wittiness of Dr. Jose Rizal, the toughness of Lapu-Lapu, the dignity seized by Apolinario Mabini, are we reviving theirs? Are our little ways stand enough to give them respective honor? Are we, Filipinos, imbibing the real essence of Filipino values practiced by our forefathers? Think again. Some of us are unaware of our own values that will soon decline in real soon if we keep on being blind about this.

   I would love to understand the other side of the coin at some point, it cannot be tapped. It is such a grievous fact that among us youngsters became so provocative at present time. We transformed horribly. Our minority years do not reflect on the anticipation of Jose Rizal from the very start. The hope and progress of our country are entrusted to us by our ancestors. Yet, we adapt to something else. To be whoever we are, not minding the needs of others.

   We are delighted by the features of brand-new technologic gadgets brought up by our modernized generation. Little by little, we observe no more closeness and the significance of family. We slightly became unexposed to the values imparted to us by our parents from the day we were born.

   The distressing part of reality is that we care less about RESPECT. The usage of "po" and "opo" at homes, are they gone now? Some say No, others Yes. I just shrugged. It's like Respect is now a foreign word, it's as if everything is just a mere obligations nowadays. Are we just shy to show our respect that we consider very ancient and archetypal that people today don't observe this anymore? Are we afraid of the humongous laughs behind us if we do? Ladies and Gentlemen, respect is the basic key towards our much-awaited country progress. If we practice this, moral values will be followed.

   We, Filipinos, are known for great hospitality. We charmed tourists with our enthralling charismatic way of welcoming visitors in our place. Our eager smile, our cheering happiness warmly greet people. Thus, tourism elevates above it's knee.

   You see, Ladies and Gentlemen, how our values greatly affect our low global development? Think PINOY-ly, act PINOY-ly.

have all the best of love. Break free. -Joreina

Monday, 12 September 2011

  I retire from my dramatic skills. If no one appreciates this kind, then I don't have to reprimand God for breeding such idiotic and dense creatures of the Underworld. I admit, I am not a STELLAR, but I have only one purpose in life- to learn. And not to be judged by such fatuous inhuman beings. These foolish people who only look at the phenotype of others. They don't deserve a space in this virtual world. Die now and welcome yourselves in the place you'll end up with- Kingdom of Hades.
  My talent isn't just an ordinary thing that God handed me. This is something God gave me to be proud of. And thinking of bragging this is too immature. I know that there are times that I really fall flat in gaining others' expectations. But helloo? Did you forget that I'm human too? That I still possess imperfections? And for those who loathe me so much and desperately wanna drag me down, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
  Haters are people who make you feel bad about yourself. But thanks to them, they made me what I am today. Thank you.

   Talent doesn't define you, It defines your future.

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Warm Saturday Afternoon

  It's been a long time since I updated my blogger. Excruciating test papers, toxic school weeks begun occupying my low-level of thinking, thus bringing up such hectic senior year all the way.
  But my hopes still stand. And my long-standing guts and my sturdy optimism to bring down these borders that keep on obstructing the road to everlasting happiness make me enjoy my 24/7 roller coaster ride of life.
  There are times when I feel lazy just to open a book, scan the pages and review previous lessons and glance over an outlook of some lessons. I reprimand myself for getting low scores on chains of quizzes, being idle on class discussions, shy to be a part and engage myself in various activities in school and eventually losing my focus on school works. I closed my eyes. Began to ponder out and think of the people that made me what I am right now. (to be continued.)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Unforeseen Reward

   I feel two kinds of emotion when I saw the Weaver Result posted on the Bulletin Board. The first emotion, Happy! I never thought I'd be a part of the qualifiers for the next screening. I was not that too confident of the articles which I wrote and it seemed like it's not that beyond Weaver-Level. I had indention for the Summary Lead and got no title for the Feature composition. Now well, forgot all about those. It's making me less-certain to the next test.
   The second feeling goes to another story. Before, I was soooo assure that I won't make it to the next screening because of the things I mentioned earlier. so, I made a deal with my friends that if ever I will pass the test, I'll treat them with Lunch. Result came, and I lose in the deal. I feel unlucky joining with deals and bets! Dang it! Remembering that I experienced bankruptcy last week makes me think that I have to stand on my will and treat my friends sooner.
   But, enough the drama. Okay, so. dfjdhjghfghbjfgjdfg. Got nothing to say but "I'M SO VERILY HAPPY!"
I'd make sure to win the critics' trust and get engaged with the current issues. And be the nice writer I can be.

Have all the best of love. Break free.


Priceless Indeed!

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

- Anais Nin

   Friends are truly the right people who you can run onto when the whole world looks down at you in disgust, in  discernment and in cruel deed.

   Among the billions of people on earth, few were claimed as my friends. These people whom I shared every thought. These people who helped and inspired me as well through my learning years. These people who educated me with knowledge. These people who I partake with every challenges of a typical yet hectic high school years, yeah it's worth all of that. These lunatic people who I'll cling to 'til the end.

  The sensation of Graduation's fast approaching without me noticing it. 2 more school gradings and we're about to set foot off to another sequel of our novel-like life. High School has been such an awesome encounter in my life certainly.

Last Days.
Last Intramurals.
Last Christmas Party.
Last Happy Trips.
Last Photos.
Last Promenade.

All will be cherished in union with Friends.

Photo-op with my friends. (JS Prom)

First Movie Marathon with my complete treasures
courtesy of Rowena Moneda
This funny photo taken by Kristine.
Yeah, well. My sight isn't really focused on the camera. I'm seeing somebody right there. *ching*

   These photos are great proof of memories that will endlessly cherished. These photos will always be saved in this huge part of my heart that's really reserved for these people who I call "FRIENDS".

(Yeah. I'm getting too sentimental with the thought of Graduation. I'm not well-prepared with the coming of the end. It saddens me to contemplate my life with leaving my grown-to-years friends, my enthusiastic Educators, my Alma Mater and most especially "My Inspiration". If God will permit to go back and visit one moment of my life, I'd choose instantly my memories in High School. That's how high my love for my high school years.)

   Have all the best of love. Break free.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

A Care-Free Senior Days

 Yeah, right. we still haven't uploaded complete photos of the whole Newton body. I only took pictures which are quite enthralling to me and which are saved on my lappy.
 This bunch of crazy photos drags me off to the sanctuary where unending craziness and happiness exist. And I call it the Newton Home in AB1. These people you see are the members of my family. Who you can laugh and cry with. Who you can call "braddy" at any time. These people belong to a circus of wide and care-free life. I feel blessed because I got the chance to meet this kind of crazy people. These are the people who are worth of my high school days.

 Newton may not be complete without our demised friend, Miguel Paolo Ablan. But whatever circumstances may be, he'll be there on that momentous event, clapping and cheering as our names would be recognized on graduation day.
 This year has been a narrow road to success. Competitions really get tougher as days go by. But with God's grace and the reciprocity of unluckiness of high school come toward me, everything is a miracle.

 Have all the best of love. Break free.

-- Joreina

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

In The Midst of Lying

  Back when I was still young, LYING was the most appropriate disguise for me to hide my wrong doings. Now that I'm much older than yesterday, I've changed my perspectives. Now, LYING is definitely another way to cover up really emotional feelings towards someone you deeply love. Yes, I'm talking about "Denying". Yet, it's just like somewhat a relative to the family of Lying, I guess. How can you deny if you won't lie, right?
   So, here it is. Have you ever passed a day when suddenly, your crush passed by at the hallways and you were with your classmates then they teased you right away? And they even push you closer to your crush? It sucks, correct? Since, you wouldn't want to let your crush know your puppy love on him, you sealed their mouths off then walk away like a a huge dog's running after you. Don't you think, this would trigger a lot of obviousness? Don't you think this would rise up to the occasion that you have that die-hard flinging on him?
   why don't you, instead of doing the oh-my-there's-crush-walks-away-then-giggles a scratch-in-the-romantic-movie antics, smile at him confidently like there's no bound of getting to know him in a deeper way and not to show your uber-obsess feelings to him.
   Women, nowadays, call lasses who come nearer to a guy as "flirts". But mind you, love definitely rules your entire being that you don't even know you're actually doing that thing bcause of love. But hey, flirts are not called that way, it's rather be said "flirtsome" (a defined term by Bo Sanchez)
   Now, there you have it. Hope you had the best of the time inspired by this little thoughts of mine.

   have all the best of love. Keep up and break free <3 Love, Joreina

Friday, 22 July 2011

Let Time Ease the Pain

As I was about to set foot my feet on our school's ground, I saw a crowd loitering the campus and seemed like there are no classes going on. Until I saw these two ladies who'd just came out of our room and recognized them. What really shocked me is that, both are crying. I knew something wasn't right. And probably I guessed, something bad happened to Miggy.

And I proved no wrong. I entered the other door, covering my mouth using my hanky yet no tears dropped. I put my shoulder bag on the table. I noticed my classmates weren't busy. They were all crying. Wait, what? Crying? Yes. They were. I asked my classmates who were beside me, "What's wrong?" They replied, "Brad, Miguel's dead."

Sunday, 10 July 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

  Learning Astronomy is quite one of the most enjoyable thing a science-lover can do.
  This morning, we just had a blast of getting a larger view and literally, gaze at illuminating stars and real-size  things beyond the universe. An awesome jampacked trip to the outside world of the Earth. This made me wonder how one can learn Astronomy and memorize all the things there are to know.
 First, we went to the Space Dome.  There, we met someone who is an expert in the field of Astronomy. He goes to places, yeah. He travels a lot, but for business purposes. He let us know the extraordinary things in the universe which our Science teachers haven't taught to us. We entered in this large tent in our gymnasium. As we set foot, all you can see are darkness and a plasma as a reflector. Inside, we wowed at the presentations. We had an upclose and personal to the extraterrestial things and even felt like we're watching a 3D Movie. I swear, SkyXplore would definitely one of the most memorable things you could encounter in school. (I would like to thank my mom for signing the waiver immediately after I left school. Million thanks, Mother)
 The next exhibit area was the, I guess, second to the top most boring part of the day. We sat down then watched a movie regarding telescopes, on how people back in the ancient times developed the instruments. I'll continue the rest when I get online again. :) Live Life and Smile. ♥

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Cause He's The Reason

Thought love could never be this cruel. But, reality check, love is.

 I could never write an essay or throw back harsh things on him because of the way he treats me now. It only tore my heart apart and it's impossible for me to fix all the pieces.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Teacher, My First Love

Some people may judge me for posting this kind of blog. But this mine exclusively though I happened to admit it publicly. Yes. I do. It's my teacher who I consider my very first serious love. From day we met, I didn't have a single idea or any inception that he'll be the reason of my tears and my priority in going to school early. He's a typical kind of English teacher. Who wears eyeglasses and has a sense of fashion. in my 4 years of studying in that school, I can jump into a conclusion that some or most of the teachers in the English Department have different kind of tastes when it comes to Fashion. so, forget about it.

Months passed, I found his name on my Inbox. We started texting each other last year's summer. He sends quotes at night. And leaves me wanting him to text me each night. Each night, I wish and wish and wish and wish that someday, he'll notice me a little bit more. But then, it turns out to be he likes this certain girl which I found to be (mistakenly thought that I was the girl he was referring to) the first student he actually love. This thought dragged me to the town of Losers and to the Unloved ones. Have you ever found yourself wishing to the brightest star at night that someday the guy you love will love you back?



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