Monday, 27 May 2013


Mood Status: Happy in Love <3

I cannot contain the happiness I'm feeling these days. I'm undeniably happy, physically and emotionally alive, and most of all surprisingly in love. I know, I know. I've been seeing hearts floating above my head, figuratively, but I just can't help it. I can feel the unconditional love of my parents and most of all, God. But I know you can get what I'm really trying to say here. Okay, so there's a boy out there, and he kinda has my heart. That's simple. Love isn't all about complications, just as how I explained why I'm in love. So to set this romantic mood, music always helps. Katharine McPhee's Terrified is something that can sweep you off your feet. When you're in love, happy or just trying to look for inspiration, Terrified is something worth-listening. I tell you. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Still Into You

     If there's one song that I consistently listen to every day, it will be Paramore's new song, "Still Into You". I love the fact that they revamped their music from edgy rock to modernized pop. This song just really proves how versatile they are when it comes to songwriting and singing.

     Was there even a time in your life wherein you thought you can never leave your past, like you're stuck in there, wishing that you could relive those memories because it's sooo hard for you to move on? I was in that same situation, too. I've gone through it and I'm glad I've already loosen up myself and left the dark shadows that kept haunting me. It all takes just one person. Just one incredible person to make you believe that everything has its own hope, it just takes a while for us to realize. It only takes dose of patience to make all of your dreams and prayers turn into reality. I'm glad I met that "person". And I will forever thank God because that "person" had me thinking that life isn't over just because you failed in some relationships and in your career. Sometimes, it's all about timing :)

Monday, 13 May 2013

All Or Nothing

     Will you agree with me when I say that Glee, a foreign musical TV series, has the awesomest and coolest song choices (apart from The Vampire Diaries of course, which I've been practically mentioning here)? They pick refreshing list of music then mash it up with another song that comes with the same tone. They have the best mash-up songs, craziest kind of characters and take note, their original songs can take your breath away.

     Just like this amazing original song "All or Nothing" which they sung on the final episode of Glee season 4. They performed it on the Regional Choir Competition. The way Marley and the rest of the gang belted out each and every note of the song can literally take you to a peaceful  place and realize that the song can be your number 2 life anthem or probably, your life's forever anthem :) Please share me your thoughts about this as soon as you listen to it :)

Monday, 6 May 2013


       Sharing with you this week another song that I constantly listen to on my playlist. I never knew this song until my favorite show, which is The Vampire Diaries, played this on one of their episodes. This song was played when Stefan asked Caroline to dance with her during their promenade. It was Stefan's way to clear off the brewing argument between Caroline and Elena. When I first heard it, I immediately told myself that I have to know the artist then download it in an instant. This song "Remember" by Kari Kimmel is something that mellow-music-listeners can definitely love.

     What have you been listening to these days? Let me know :)



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