Saturday, 13 August 2011

A Care-Free Senior Days

 Yeah, right. we still haven't uploaded complete photos of the whole Newton body. I only took pictures which are quite enthralling to me and which are saved on my lappy.
 This bunch of crazy photos drags me off to the sanctuary where unending craziness and happiness exist. And I call it the Newton Home in AB1. These people you see are the members of my family. Who you can laugh and cry with. Who you can call "braddy" at any time. These people belong to a circus of wide and care-free life. I feel blessed because I got the chance to meet this kind of crazy people. These are the people who are worth of my high school days.

 Newton may not be complete without our demised friend, Miguel Paolo Ablan. But whatever circumstances may be, he'll be there on that momentous event, clapping and cheering as our names would be recognized on graduation day.
 This year has been a narrow road to success. Competitions really get tougher as days go by. But with God's grace and the reciprocity of unluckiness of high school come toward me, everything is a miracle.

 Have all the best of love. Break free.

-- Joreina

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