Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Filipino Values in Retrospect

    (a literary piece of Ma. Joreina Therese A. Blanco for the 2nd Voice of the Youth National Oratorical Competition)

  The wittiness of Dr. Jose Rizal, the toughness of Lapu-Lapu, the dignity seized by Apolinario Mabini, are we reviving theirs? Are our little ways stand enough to give them respective honor? Are we, Filipinos, imbibing the real essence of Filipino values practiced by our forefathers? Think again. Some of us are unaware of our own values that will soon decline in real soon if we keep on being blind about this.

   I would love to understand the other side of the coin at some point, it cannot be tapped. It is such a grievous fact that among us youngsters became so provocative at present time. We transformed horribly. Our minority years do not reflect on the anticipation of Jose Rizal from the very start. The hope and progress of our country are entrusted to us by our ancestors. Yet, we adapt to something else. To be whoever we are, not minding the needs of others.

   We are delighted by the features of brand-new technologic gadgets brought up by our modernized generation. Little by little, we observe no more closeness and the significance of family. We slightly became unexposed to the values imparted to us by our parents from the day we were born.

   The distressing part of reality is that we care less about RESPECT. The usage of "po" and "opo" at homes, are they gone now? Some say No, others Yes. I just shrugged. It's like Respect is now a foreign word, it's as if everything is just a mere obligations nowadays. Are we just shy to show our respect that we consider very ancient and archetypal that people today don't observe this anymore? Are we afraid of the humongous laughs behind us if we do? Ladies and Gentlemen, respect is the basic key towards our much-awaited country progress. If we practice this, moral values will be followed.

   We, Filipinos, are known for great hospitality. We charmed tourists with our enthralling charismatic way of welcoming visitors in our place. Our eager smile, our cheering happiness warmly greet people. Thus, tourism elevates above it's knee.

   You see, Ladies and Gentlemen, how our values greatly affect our low global development? Think PINOY-ly, act PINOY-ly.

have all the best of love. Break free. -Joreina

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