Friday, 22 July 2011

Let Time Ease the Pain

As I was about to set foot my feet on our school's ground, I saw a crowd loitering the campus and seemed like there are no classes going on. Until I saw these two ladies who'd just came out of our room and recognized them. What really shocked me is that, both are crying. I knew something wasn't right. And probably I guessed, something bad happened to Miggy.

And I proved no wrong. I entered the other door, covering my mouth using my hanky yet no tears dropped. I put my shoulder bag on the table. I noticed my classmates weren't busy. They were all crying. Wait, what? Crying? Yes. They were. I asked my classmates who were beside me, "What's wrong?" They replied, "Brad, Miguel's dead."

Sunday, 10 July 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

  Learning Astronomy is quite one of the most enjoyable thing a science-lover can do.
  This morning, we just had a blast of getting a larger view and literally, gaze at illuminating stars and real-size  things beyond the universe. An awesome jampacked trip to the outside world of the Earth. This made me wonder how one can learn Astronomy and memorize all the things there are to know.
 First, we went to the Space Dome.  There, we met someone who is an expert in the field of Astronomy. He goes to places, yeah. He travels a lot, but for business purposes. He let us know the extraordinary things in the universe which our Science teachers haven't taught to us. We entered in this large tent in our gymnasium. As we set foot, all you can see are darkness and a plasma as a reflector. Inside, we wowed at the presentations. We had an upclose and personal to the extraterrestial things and even felt like we're watching a 3D Movie. I swear, SkyXplore would definitely one of the most memorable things you could encounter in school. (I would like to thank my mom for signing the waiver immediately after I left school. Million thanks, Mother)
 The next exhibit area was the, I guess, second to the top most boring part of the day. We sat down then watched a movie regarding telescopes, on how people back in the ancient times developed the instruments. I'll continue the rest when I get online again. :) Live Life and Smile. ♥

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Cause He's The Reason

Thought love could never be this cruel. But, reality check, love is.

 I could never write an essay or throw back harsh things on him because of the way he treats me now. It only tore my heart apart and it's impossible for me to fix all the pieces.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Teacher, My First Love

Some people may judge me for posting this kind of blog. But this mine exclusively though I happened to admit it publicly. Yes. I do. It's my teacher who I consider my very first serious love. From day we met, I didn't have a single idea or any inception that he'll be the reason of my tears and my priority in going to school early. He's a typical kind of English teacher. Who wears eyeglasses and has a sense of fashion. in my 4 years of studying in that school, I can jump into a conclusion that some or most of the teachers in the English Department have different kind of tastes when it comes to Fashion. so, forget about it.

Months passed, I found his name on my Inbox. We started texting each other last year's summer. He sends quotes at night. And leaves me wanting him to text me each night. Each night, I wish and wish and wish and wish that someday, he'll notice me a little bit more. But then, it turns out to be he likes this certain girl which I found to be (mistakenly thought that I was the girl he was referring to) the first student he actually love. This thought dragged me to the town of Losers and to the Unloved ones. Have you ever found yourself wishing to the brightest star at night that someday the guy you love will love you back?



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