Sunday, 10 July 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

  Learning Astronomy is quite one of the most enjoyable thing a science-lover can do.
  This morning, we just had a blast of getting a larger view and literally, gaze at illuminating stars and real-size  things beyond the universe. An awesome jampacked trip to the outside world of the Earth. This made me wonder how one can learn Astronomy and memorize all the things there are to know.
 First, we went to the Space Dome.  There, we met someone who is an expert in the field of Astronomy. He goes to places, yeah. He travels a lot, but for business purposes. He let us know the extraordinary things in the universe which our Science teachers haven't taught to us. We entered in this large tent in our gymnasium. As we set foot, all you can see are darkness and a plasma as a reflector. Inside, we wowed at the presentations. We had an upclose and personal to the extraterrestial things and even felt like we're watching a 3D Movie. I swear, SkyXplore would definitely one of the most memorable things you could encounter in school. (I would like to thank my mom for signing the waiver immediately after I left school. Million thanks, Mother)
 The next exhibit area was the, I guess, second to the top most boring part of the day. We sat down then watched a movie regarding telescopes, on how people back in the ancient times developed the instruments. I'll continue the rest when I get online again. :) Live Life and Smile. ♥

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