Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Teacher, My First Love

Some people may judge me for posting this kind of blog. But this mine exclusively though I happened to admit it publicly. Yes. I do. It's my teacher who I consider my very first serious love. From day we met, I didn't have a single idea or any inception that he'll be the reason of my tears and my priority in going to school early. He's a typical kind of English teacher. Who wears eyeglasses and has a sense of fashion. in my 4 years of studying in that school, I can jump into a conclusion that some or most of the teachers in the English Department have different kind of tastes when it comes to Fashion. so, forget about it.

Months passed, I found his name on my Inbox. We started texting each other last year's summer. He sends quotes at night. And leaves me wanting him to text me each night. Each night, I wish and wish and wish and wish that someday, he'll notice me a little bit more. But then, it turns out to be he likes this certain girl which I found to be (mistakenly thought that I was the girl he was referring to) the first student he actually love. This thought dragged me to the town of Losers and to the Unloved ones. Have you ever found yourself wishing to the brightest star at night that someday the guy you love will love you back?

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