Tuesday, 9 August 2011

In The Midst of Lying

  Back when I was still young, LYING was the most appropriate disguise for me to hide my wrong doings. Now that I'm much older than yesterday, I've changed my perspectives. Now, LYING is definitely another way to cover up really emotional feelings towards someone you deeply love. Yes, I'm talking about "Denying". Yet, it's just like somewhat a relative to the family of Lying, I guess. How can you deny if you won't lie, right?
   So, here it is. Have you ever passed a day when suddenly, your crush passed by at the hallways and you were with your classmates then they teased you right away? And they even push you closer to your crush? It sucks, correct? Since, you wouldn't want to let your crush know your puppy love on him, you sealed their mouths off then walk away like a a huge dog's running after you. Don't you think, this would trigger a lot of obviousness? Don't you think this would rise up to the occasion that you have that die-hard flinging on him?
   why don't you, instead of doing the oh-my-there's-crush-walks-away-then-giggles a scratch-in-the-romantic-movie antics, smile at him confidently like there's no bound of getting to know him in a deeper way and not to show your uber-obsess feelings to him.
   Women, nowadays, call lasses who come nearer to a guy as "flirts". But mind you, love definitely rules your entire being that you don't even know you're actually doing that thing bcause of love. But hey, flirts are not called that way, it's rather be said "flirtsome" (a defined term by Bo Sanchez)
   Now, there you have it. Hope you had the best of the time inspired by this little thoughts of mine.

   have all the best of love. Keep up and break free <3 Love, Joreina

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