Saturday, 20 August 2011

Unforeseen Reward

   I feel two kinds of emotion when I saw the Weaver Result posted on the Bulletin Board. The first emotion, Happy! I never thought I'd be a part of the qualifiers for the next screening. I was not that too confident of the articles which I wrote and it seemed like it's not that beyond Weaver-Level. I had indention for the Summary Lead and got no title for the Feature composition. Now well, forgot all about those. It's making me less-certain to the next test.
   The second feeling goes to another story. Before, I was soooo assure that I won't make it to the next screening because of the things I mentioned earlier. so, I made a deal with my friends that if ever I will pass the test, I'll treat them with Lunch. Result came, and I lose in the deal. I feel unlucky joining with deals and bets! Dang it! Remembering that I experienced bankruptcy last week makes me think that I have to stand on my will and treat my friends sooner.
   But, enough the drama. Okay, so. dfjdhjghfghbjfgjdfg. Got nothing to say but "I'M SO VERILY HAPPY!"
I'd make sure to win the critics' trust and get engaged with the current issues. And be the nice writer I can be.

Have all the best of love. Break free.


Priceless Indeed!

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

- Anais Nin

   Friends are truly the right people who you can run onto when the whole world looks down at you in disgust, in  discernment and in cruel deed.

   Among the billions of people on earth, few were claimed as my friends. These people whom I shared every thought. These people who helped and inspired me as well through my learning years. These people who educated me with knowledge. These people who I partake with every challenges of a typical yet hectic high school years, yeah it's worth all of that. These lunatic people who I'll cling to 'til the end.

  The sensation of Graduation's fast approaching without me noticing it. 2 more school gradings and we're about to set foot off to another sequel of our novel-like life. High School has been such an awesome encounter in my life certainly.

Last Days.
Last Intramurals.
Last Christmas Party.
Last Happy Trips.
Last Photos.
Last Promenade.

All will be cherished in union with Friends.

Photo-op with my friends. (JS Prom)

First Movie Marathon with my complete treasures
courtesy of Rowena Moneda
This funny photo taken by Kristine.
Yeah, well. My sight isn't really focused on the camera. I'm seeing somebody right there. *ching*

   These photos are great proof of memories that will endlessly cherished. These photos will always be saved in this huge part of my heart that's really reserved for these people who I call "FRIENDS".

(Yeah. I'm getting too sentimental with the thought of Graduation. I'm not well-prepared with the coming of the end. It saddens me to contemplate my life with leaving my grown-to-years friends, my enthusiastic Educators, my Alma Mater and most especially "My Inspiration". If God will permit to go back and visit one moment of my life, I'd choose instantly my memories in High School. That's how high my love for my high school years.)

   Have all the best of love. Break free.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

A Care-Free Senior Days

 Yeah, right. we still haven't uploaded complete photos of the whole Newton body. I only took pictures which are quite enthralling to me and which are saved on my lappy.
 This bunch of crazy photos drags me off to the sanctuary where unending craziness and happiness exist. And I call it the Newton Home in AB1. These people you see are the members of my family. Who you can laugh and cry with. Who you can call "braddy" at any time. These people belong to a circus of wide and care-free life. I feel blessed because I got the chance to meet this kind of crazy people. These are the people who are worth of my high school days.

 Newton may not be complete without our demised friend, Miguel Paolo Ablan. But whatever circumstances may be, he'll be there on that momentous event, clapping and cheering as our names would be recognized on graduation day.
 This year has been a narrow road to success. Competitions really get tougher as days go by. But with God's grace and the reciprocity of unluckiness of high school come toward me, everything is a miracle.

 Have all the best of love. Break free.

-- Joreina

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

In The Midst of Lying

  Back when I was still young, LYING was the most appropriate disguise for me to hide my wrong doings. Now that I'm much older than yesterday, I've changed my perspectives. Now, LYING is definitely another way to cover up really emotional feelings towards someone you deeply love. Yes, I'm talking about "Denying". Yet, it's just like somewhat a relative to the family of Lying, I guess. How can you deny if you won't lie, right?
   So, here it is. Have you ever passed a day when suddenly, your crush passed by at the hallways and you were with your classmates then they teased you right away? And they even push you closer to your crush? It sucks, correct? Since, you wouldn't want to let your crush know your puppy love on him, you sealed their mouths off then walk away like a a huge dog's running after you. Don't you think, this would trigger a lot of obviousness? Don't you think this would rise up to the occasion that you have that die-hard flinging on him?
   why don't you, instead of doing the oh-my-there's-crush-walks-away-then-giggles a scratch-in-the-romantic-movie antics, smile at him confidently like there's no bound of getting to know him in a deeper way and not to show your uber-obsess feelings to him.
   Women, nowadays, call lasses who come nearer to a guy as "flirts". But mind you, love definitely rules your entire being that you don't even know you're actually doing that thing bcause of love. But hey, flirts are not called that way, it's rather be said "flirtsome" (a defined term by Bo Sanchez)
   Now, there you have it. Hope you had the best of the time inspired by this little thoughts of mine.

   have all the best of love. Keep up and break free <3 Love, Joreina



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