Sunday, 11 March 2012


I sat here waiting for an answer
Thinking how life seems to be
I know the chances are getting meager
Realizing there are a few days left for me.

Can you still remember the look on my face
At the sight of you, I totally gaze
Your eyes twinkled, my heart drummed.
You said my name, I answered dumb.

From then on, I wrote your name on my journal,
Which i considered as my greatest portal
From good days I had with you,
Which are more priceless than anything new.

A year had passed and I found no one
That's exactly you, tall and brown.
You're exceptional, that's for sure.
I know I'm gonna miss the glasses you wore.

I kept on thinking how love cannot be fair
For a hugely different kind of pair.
Like us, who met by fate.
But years of time truly late.

Late at night, before I sleep
I constantly see your face, and as I drift
I'm reminded how I was gladdened
By each day I think of you all of a sudden.

  (PS. This is an unfinished poem. I began to write this poem in the middle of our National Achievement Test. I felt inspired to compose a poem which talks about my "Inspiration" of my life. My Happy Crush. Soon, I'll be posting the continuation of this poem. I'll keep you posted. That's for sure :)

Have all the best of love. Break free.



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