Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Power of God's Will

While I was browsing my Twitter account, I chanced upon this quote from a famous user: "It's hard to forget someone whom you had happy memories together." For some people, they might pertain this line to their love partners. But for me, Wawa Bas, as we call her, instantly registered to my mind while reading. We may have minimal memories together, but I would consider those as moments worth keeping.

   I can still remember the day when my father requested me to be her "little nurse" for a couple of days. Since it was our Semestral Break and boredom just hit me, I agreed to his request. Upon entering, I saw Lola Bas alone, lying on her bed and watching a noontime show. I can sense her suffering on her medication to fight for her life. My father, then, left me with her after instructing me on what to do. On that day, it was my task to take care of her. But then, it seemed like I was the one being taken care of. She would frequently ask if I have eaten lunch, if i was comfortable on lying on her bed and some sort of stuffs. I know how caring and compassionate she was. She would think of others' necessities rather than hers. I even admired her strong devotion to God amidst her life distress. Everyday, I yearn to be her little nurse once again.

  I supposed that this was God's way of adding memories with her on her remaining days on earth. This is His way for us to spend with her in just a couple of months to take care of her and show our deep love to her.

   I know and I can feel our deep agony to Wawa Bas' passing. She somehow left traces of good memories and life lessons to us. We may not have her in times of merriment and hardships, but still she will spiritually watch us and join us as we struggle in the test of time. But for now, I'm just going to miss her. :'((

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


   It's been 16 years. Looking back, my parents have devoted their whole life molding us to be a better citizen and patiently guiding us towards that straight path. Whenever I feel down, I think about all the sacrifices my parents have to penetrate every day. Those sacrifices are no match with the hardships I have to overcome. No amount of thing can cross over the huge devotions to dedicate each day for our living. They continue to do their jobs in the wee hours in the morning, then unreluctantly to wake us up early in the morning then cook for breakfast. I'm proud that the Heavens blessed me with an untiring Mom and generous Dad. No matter what happens, they vent all my anxieties and apprehensions.

  Today's February 9, 2012. Looking back from two years, I had the most awesome, stupendous and best birthday ever! I even chiseled that on a rock, carved that on the trunks of every tree and whispered on the wind, figuratively. I usually jot down happy moments that I had with my happy crush on my diary. So, for the very first time, I would like to share a portion of my journal. Let's have a trip back down the memory lane. If I would've to choose moments in my past, this would perfectly be on my list. So, here it goes:


   Dear Diary,

      Alana announced to  *toot*  that today's my birthday. Then,*toot* asked me if it was true. "Is it true, Joreina?" he interrogated me. "How old are you?" "Katorse!" Cjay responded. Then, he requested me to sit in front. I unwillingly said "No need." but then my classmates and  *toot*  insisted that I must. So, without second thoughts, i found myself sitting infront of my classmates with wide smiles and loud cheerings. I realized that it's so rude to take away the offer and even the opportunity since, I was the only student in our class he ever done that. And then, he instructed my classmates to sing a Happy Birthday song for me. He sang along with them. Actually, they should be singing the Ilocano version of it, but they might just make fun of it. After the singing, he demanded my friends to send the birthday celebrant their wish. No one stood up. Probably, too shy. Here comes the interesting part, he even composed a wish for me. He said, we're not close. I couldn't remember the exact words he said. I was absent-mindedly looking at him straight in the eye on that moment. Here's an excerpt "I wish The One will get a chance to know you better." 

  You can see how badly I want to relive this memory again. I was forcing myself not to cry last night while reading this. But I failed to do so. I could still play the whole scenario on that particular day. I'm so thankful that even though it won't happen again, I still have the reason to be joyful because it accurately occurred on my special day. :) And until now, I'm still wishing and wishing and wishing that I'll get the chance to interact with him again. I have few more days remaining on school and I'll be off to college and start another life. When I look back, twenty years from now, I would notice traces of happy high school memories with Happy Crush. :)))))))

   Have all the best of love. Break free. -Joreina



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