Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sentimental First-Timer

  Well, it's really my first time to compete for journalism seriously. So, forgive me for the content of this blog. I would just want to blurt out all my gloomy feelings for the recently concluded Division Schools Press Conference.

   Since I'm just new to this craft- editorial writing, it's too impossible for me to to be included in the Top Seven finalists for the RSPC. I was taught intently by my mentors who are veterans in this expertise. I felt humiliated by someone yet this let me ascend more and recap all the lectures from past workshops. I was constantly scolded every night for coming home late for after-school meetings. Well, it's worth it yet I'm still not good enough.

   I have betrayed all the people who wished me good lucks before and even after my contest. I've blabbed the trust my parents gave me, all the hopes and appreciations were all impelled off just because of an unfaithful result.

   Well, I won't reprimand the board of judges for the outcome of the contested events. Yet, I would want to look after the criteria if it was really followed as it is. (hahahaha) I sounded like I'm not really favor on the result, it's unjust for us, as well as the other competing schools who poured out their all-out effort for a good article yet their price declined. We brought home unexpected cries and hesitations.

  After knowing the result of the 2011 DSPC, I immediately went to my coach, asked for forgiveness for not making it, for not adding laurels of Journalism to my school, for failing, for not giving ghim the utmost appreciation for being the coach, and for not being good enough. He said it's okay, at least I competed fairly. And he held out his arms then embraced me cheerfully. Afterwards, a crying mass followed. Well, for me, that night was the most sparkling of all nights! I got the chance to hug him for the very first time :""""""">

   DSPC, it was not only a competition, but a well-learned lesson. It challenges you to compete for the fast-pace changing world we knew, to compete fairly, to hug the outcome with gladness. Make the most out of everything. Every contest has it's winner and losers. Well, it doesn't matter if you're the winner or the loser, after all, it doesn't define your true self. :)

  Have all the best of love. Break free. -joreina



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