Thursday, 8 May 2014

Joreina Goes to Places: Arte Luna

Following my desire to update my blog more often, I decided to always bring my bulky DSLR camera to where my feet will take me. This time, I managed to have a travel post. Here, you can see my love for places and adventure. If I was born rich, travelling would never be a worry to me. I could just hop on a private plane, take an overnight stay to any place I could think of, and then travel to another place the next day.

Since I can't go farther from my hometown (for now. Haha), I thought it would be nice to introduce to you the wondrous places you can find here. You may have seen my previous travel post wherein I featured the Paseo de Paoay, here, you will about to see an establishment that houses art and culture. Thus, let me take you to Arte Luna :)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

WE MET AND WE TALKED AND IT WAS EPIC (A Story of How They Were Able to Meet)

Just when she thought only Elena Gilbert could say these words, "we met and we talked and it was epic", a moment was already bound to happen. 



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