Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sweet Surprise

    When it comes to outfits, I love giving surprises as to make my own style aesthetic. Once I've seen someone wearing the same item that I own, I make sure that I give it my own personal touch. Just like my golden mullet skirt. I saw a lot of bloggers wearing it with the cut infront. I gave my skirt a sweet twist by wearing it on the other side. Haha. What do you think? Yay or Nay?
 Pardon the look.

 The legs! *cringes*

 Minimal (although mismatch) accessories.
 Zoom into the prints of my top :)
I told you. Side swept mullet skirt. Haha

Top from Lucky 99 | Mullet Skirt from Bazaar | Wedges from Vincci | Accessories from my Grandmother and Mom

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Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Call it Pseudo Peplum

    When I found this polo shirt from my Mom's closet, I tried to give it a sweet twist. I told you, my mom has a closet full of fashion finds though she doesn't notice it most of the time. But I really love how she chooses her clothes, she inspects it's quality and even the brand (but not all the time).

   When I think of this outfit, it just gives me a heave of something like an outfit for office work. Haha. Maybe because of the black skirt I'm wearing underneath, or maybe I'm just assuming.
 Can I just say that this polo shirt looks like for men? I thought of wearing a pants for this kind of top, but then something like a flash bulb began to appear above my head. *ting* bright idea. So instead of jeans, why not a black skirt to make a contrast of the checkered colors.

 You can see how a simple belt could make a wondrous job on tricking your eyes. It really looks like a peplum top to me. Haha

 Simple accessories from my mom.
red belt.

Top from Weekend Workshop | Accessories and belt from my Mom

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Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lazy Dressing

   Okay, here's to six days with no outfit post. Yes, I barely survived those tragic days. My sister was not available for the whole week since she had to take and review for their periodical test. That's truly understandable but for a blogger like me, it's important to manage your time both on studies and on blogging. When you put your heart and dedication to your craft, you can do everything even the most possible thing you thought  would be totally difficult. I learned that from my trusted and the best-est magazine I collect each month, Candy Magazine. :) Hihi. I'm a Candy Girl!
 My blog post today is all about lazy dressing. It's all about wearing and layering pieces but could still show a beautiful outfit.
 I"m a lazy dresser actually. I don't mind if I look really haggard on the things wore as long as I'm comfortable.

 Maybe it's the kind of weather we're experiencing now in the Philippines that made me think of this look. Wear a cardigan or even unbutton polo shirt over a shorts and a sleeveless top for the bipolar weather.
 Yay. It's so nice that I could finally wear my polo shirt from Amanda Bynes. Thanks to my Grandmother. I'm still a fan, you know.

Sleeveless Top and Necklace from my Mother | Shorts from Bazaar | Polo shirt from Dear By Amanda Bynes | Flats from my Tita

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Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

All Mixed Prints

   My friends and I were scouting for some thrift stores in which we could buy affordable outfits for the upcoming CAS Socialization last September. Since we were really deprived of time, we chanced upon this ukay-ukay store along the highway. My friend convinced us to look for some pieces inside. He's a self-confessed customer of any ukay stores since he studied in Baguio. Haha. I don't intentionally say that almost all of his clothes are from second-hand shops, but he's good when it comes to picking up items that aren't much look like a preloved item.

   I wanted to wear skirts. Contrary to what most people think, I love collecting skirts. I'd rather wear skirt than jeans. I grew tired of putting on jeans all the time. I don't how to describe my outfit today. I feel so loss of words right now. Kidding. 
 Don't you just love the prints on my skirt? It has polka-dot print, floral print, and everything I ask for a skirt. It has all of it. I couldn't resist the urge to buy since it only costs P50. Hihi.
 I topped the outfit with my pink top I got from my auntie who resides abroad.

 The bar table and chair we have at home. Hahaha. 
 It's okay to wear mismatched accessories. As long as they compliment each other, why not? Remember, there are no rules in fashion.
When I found this on my grandmother's accessories drawer, I immediately grab it thinking it could be a good match for my pink top. Hihi.

Pink Top from Faded Glory | Skirt from UK | Accessories from my Grandmother | Sandals from Grendha

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Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Love for Neon

    When it comes to my choice of color, I go for neons. Like, seriously. I began to adore the beauty of neon when I saw Laureen Uy's constant use of big and bright shades of neon on her outfits. That's why whenever I see pieces that are blended with neon, I immediately think of Laureen.

   I'm sure you've seen this floral jacket on my first outfit post from way back when. So, to compliment all of it's colors, I chose some colors which can be found on my jacket. Haha. I don't know.
Why do I look so tall here?

Actually the neon top belongs to my Mom. I consider my mom as my ultimate ticket to fashion. She owns some pieces that are on trend even if she doesn't notice it.

Have I confessed my love for spikes? Yes, Spikes! When I saw this neon spike bracelet on an online shoppe I found on Facebook, I immediately texted the owner of the shoppe and inform her I have to buy it as soon as possible. It's really affordable and very worth it! It costs P180!

Don't you just love the details of my shorts? I so love the belt.
My go-to flats. It suits any outfit, right? Besides, blue compliments all colors!

Neon green top from my Mother | Shorts from Old Navy | Floral Jacket from Never Been Kissed | Flats from my Grandmother | Neon spike bracelet from The Sister's Fashion House

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Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Studs and More Studs

    If you're my follower on Twitter , you may have seen my "excited" tweets which indicate my love for studs. Yes, studs! I was really amaze on how studs could easily give an edgy vibe on your look without even trying. Plus, they're affordable and could possibly inject on a plain look. Though I don't consider myself an "edgy" blogger, I still find studs a way of giving more life and depth on your outfit. Just looking on the plain top I layered on a purple dress which I worn as a skirt. The first thing that caught my attention here is a party of studs on my arms. :)

 You may have seen this skirt for a hundred of times now in my blog. Haha. Deprivation of skirts here!

 Promise. I can't get enough of studs. I couldn't even pull my eyes off the studs I'm wearing. Once I tried to wear this bracelets on school, my classmates where raving on my pieces. Each of them asked me where I bought all of the items. Since I'm an internet savvy, I redirect my ways to more productive works such as finding online shoppes located in Ilocos. I chanced upon an online shoppe in Laoag City which offers a lot of affordable items such as the stud bracelet which looked like a neckpiece of a dog. Haha.

Loose Top from Wet Seal | Dress (worn as skirt) from Bonzzolo | Stud Bracelet from The Sister's Fashion House, Broadway Gems and from my Grandmother | Necklace from my Mother | Wedge from Crishia

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Have all the  best of love. Break free.- Joreina

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Casual Denim

    I feel most comfortable when I wear something that's denim. My collection includes denim pants, denim vests and anything. I got this GAP denim dress all the way from Hawaii. I received this from my cousins who are residing in Hawaii. Since it's my very first denim dress, I was really happy and elated. You could use this on casual occasions or events just like attending parties, going to church, date with your girl friends and the possibilities are endless.

 This braided belt is my go-to accessory when it comes to emphasizing my curves. I'm soo obsessed with this. You might have seen me wearing this belt for a lot of times now.
 I don't want to look like a walking Christmas tree so I didn't bother to put so much accessories. I'm talking about feeling casual and relax here. So, I layered a simple necklace on my dress.

Denim dress from Gap | Wedge from Rusty Lopez | Necklace from my Mom

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Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina



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