Sunday, 30 March 2014


The feeling of happiness, pure bliss and success came rushing back to me as I looked at these photos I have copied from my friend. It's as if the feelings I had during these moments are fresh and new. I'm sorry but I'm feeling so nostalgic right now, I can't help but reminisce knowing it's been a month.
A few days before the Association of Students in Humanities, English and Language Festival, Sir Mark Fernandez begun his search for potential contestants in the activities of the said event. I was sitting in one of the stone benches, waiting for my next class (perhaps. Gosh. I can't remember. Haha) when he approached me and asked, "Yna, can you write stories?"

In that moment, I knew he's gonna put me in the Short Story Writing. Knowing that it takes me a day to fully polish a story, I said I can't.

"Poetry writing, then? Can you?"

I've written poems before but I don't my skills are worth for a division level contest. But since I was feeling guilty to turn down a chance offered by Sir Mark, I nodded immediately followed by the affirmation of Ed about my skills in making poems.

The day of the event, I never felt a tiny hit of nervousness although it was my first time to join in a poetry writing contest. In fact I told myself, "whatever happens, whatever the results may be, always think that you'll learn from this experience."

I've survived the 2-hour mind-wrecking poem writing plus the poor ventilation at CBEA AVR. We were so unfortunate that time because the power broke down making it so hard for me to think for my next stanza. It's always a behavior of mine to bring extra sheets of paper even if I know they'll gonna give us one. But I always know that they're also going to let us pass the extra paper along with the output you've come up. But thankfully that time, that didn't follow. So, I was able put the extra yellow paper inside my bag but guess what, not a single line or letter was written in it. Haha.

The results came and I was not listening to the announcer. The 3rd and 2nd placers were recognized then and honestly, I was feeling hopeless that time. I was expecting I'd make it to top 4 or 5. And then a miracle (okay, the term! Haha) happened.....

Alee: Bes, sika kano first place (Bes, we were told you won first place)
Me: Weh?

Announcer: First place for Poetry Writing, Miss Joreina Blanco from College of Arts and Sciences

Those words are a music to my ears. If only I was able to record it, I'd play it over and over again.
I thanked God internally for the award and for the answered prayer.
I always tell myself, "if God puts you into it, He'll put you through it"
After the awarding ceremony, we went upstage and took pictures :"">



Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina


  1. Awww congratulations on winning this contest babe! YOU DESERVE IT! :)
    Definitely a #throwback worthy experience ;)


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