Saturday, 12 April 2014


     If there's one thing I learned in my second year second semester, it would be, no matter how the going gets tough, never ever give up. It just popped up into my mind and wrote it down immediately on a post-it note.

    Second semester had been a terrible rollercoaster ride. But I never did lose my grip on the handle. Because once I loose my grip, I'll fall. But thank God, I didn't. But I was left hanging with just one hand gripping on the edge.

    Since my friends posted their lengthy speech on Facebook, it would seem appropriate too, to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the people who kept on believing in my capabilities (wait, I sounded so cliche). But seriously, if I were to come up with a message, it would go this way. But wait, before proceeding, let me remind you it's not a speech but rather, uhm, random thoughts of mine. Haha.

PE 32 (Billiards). Literature 2. CA 120 (Debate and Argumentation). Philosophy 1.
Humanities 1. Foreign Language (Mandarin). Political Science 1. Economics 1

    I've just come to realize that I have to thank the teachers who had been with me in my second year second semester life,

    To Mr. Marcos Dela Cruz, my Billiards instructor, if not because of your happy disposition in life, Billiards class would be a bore. Haha. Kidding aside, thank you for the high grade even though I didn't win in some of the games. I've learned that it doesn't matter whether you win in the activity or not, what matters most is you learned the basics in Billiards and you know how to apply your learnings. Because of that, I'd graduate in PE with flying colors!

     To Mr. Jan Rich Guira, the ever-fabulous Literature 2 teacher, you know how much your expression "Smile lang" (just smile) inspires me a lot. It's so inspiring that I even have to paste it in my post-it note corner for a boost of motivation everyday. I'd still say thank you even if we had been punched with a lot of requirements to accomplish: 2 analysis papers, presentation, music video, interview and short film. Still, we love you dearly;

      To Ma'am Deleilah Adriatico, most esteemed debate Moderator (haha). At first, I found you so intimidating to approach. But as time passed by, my perceptions changed. Now, I could smile at you whenever we cross paths and wouldn't think twice whether I'll greet you with a "Hi, Ma'am" or not. Thank you because you proved to me that I can be confident to speak up and defend my side in any impromptu activity. You remind me of my former Debate coach, Dr. Veronice Guerrero. The both of you bring out the best in me;

      To Mr. Fides Bernardo Bitanga, you let us enter in the world of Socrates, Niccolo Machiavelli, Aristotle, Blaise Pascal and many other philosophers. Even if we find Philosophy a different subject matter to study, you have this way of letting us learn it in the most enjoyable way. There are times that I can't endure that one and a half hour Philo lecture and I'd quickly doze off. I don't know but maybe you might've caught me once or even a lot of times already but you never did scold me. Haha;

       To Mr. John Vincent Toribio, just like Sir Guira, you're fond of giving us a lot of activities given the consideration that you're still new to your profession. I must say I admire your unique teaching strategy: after discussing the lesson for a particular day, an activity follows. You made me appreciate art once more. Thank you and I might appeal MMSU to put up a Fine Arts course in the university soon. Haha;

      To Ma'am Lovely Gonong, our Mandarin teacher in first semester told us one time that in order for us to study a foreign language effectively, you just have to enjoy it. I had a lot of fun learning the language with you. Not only did you teach us the language itself, but you also helped us understand why Chinese has a different way of speaking. Writing and memorizing Chinese characters may be tedious for us but we'll definitely miss the activities we had with you;

      To Ma'am Society Salcedo, Political Science is as interesting as learning law. Now that I'm 18, I'm now more familiarized with my own rights and how I can use them in the near future.

     To Ma'am Romelyn Pabro, you're the most effective Economics teacher ever. Thank you for the "open notes" quizzes that helped us step up in the class in a way. You taught better than my high school Econ teacher. Haha.

      I will forever be thankful that I had you as my teacher. Til we meet in another class :)

PS. I'm still bitter over the fact that I didn't make it to the University Scholar cut-off but I'm still blessed because I remained an academic scholar :)) #ThankYouLord

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

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