Tuesday, 11 March 2014


    My mom's words still ring in my head even up to this time and I quote, "You can never have a boyfriend until you graduate in College." I commend myself for keeping tracks on my mother's "wise" and "less-annoying" pieces of advice. She constantly reminds me not to rush things especially when it comes to relationships. I've always lived by her words and I still catch myself reiterating her words, "Joreina, you have to graduate as cum laude." I have her words as a mental note.


     Most girls at my age are in a relationship. Sometimes I wonder how it feels like to be with someone even just for a temporary period. I wonder how a girl feels when she receives good morning and good night texts with the words, "I love you" in it. I wonder how it feels like to say the three magical words to your partner personally. I wonder if the feeling of getting butterflies in the stomach is more intense when you're in a relationship. I wonder the feeling of spending a one whole day with a person and never get tired of it. I wonder how it feels to wake up in the morning knowing that you have someone who loves you back. (this "I wonder" could go even further. Haha) Admittedly, I'm that hopeless romantic one. Never been in a relationship. And I'm stuck to a lot of "I wonder's".

     Honestly speaking, I enjoy being single. I'm actually fine with that. Seriously. (please, I can see right through here that you just raised one eyebrow. Haha)

     While everyone has a hand to hold, my palm yearns for the edges of a book and sketch pad, the tip of a pen, the slim structure of a charcoal pencil, the shutter of a camera and nature. The first thing I see whenever I wake up is the motivating words I wrote down on a post-it note saying, "Good morning, beautiful. Something amazing is bound to happen today :)" (you see, I can be so corny. Haha)

     I'm used to getting a lot of weird and are-you-kidding-me looks whenever I tell people that I'm single. Hearing them say, "With a beautiful face like that, you're single since birth?" I confess, I was a bit flattered (okay, strike the "a bit") that people are amazed that I never committed myself in a relationship, tempting as it may be. But being single is a personal choice. Even if mom would take back her words and encourage me to have a boyfriend (okay at some thought I'd say, "what kind of a mother are you?" haha), I would still choose to remain single until the right time comes.

     I'm a firm believer of "God's time" or in my own meaningful words, "perfect time".

    As of now, I'm enjoying myself being single. Nothing to worry, stress and disappointed about. I have the time in the world to improve myself and be the most awesome person that I can ever be. I don't do this so guys would like me. I'm doing this for myself. Hey, I wake up every day to impress no one but myself. *mark on that haha*

    Being single attracts a lot of great opportunities. You get to expand your horizon, form a circle of awesome friends, volunteer yourself in various activities (school-related or not). You get to chase after your ultimate dream and even discover a talent and let it bloom! Have I convinced you yet how awesome it is to be single? Haha. K.

   We all search for love. Love is not something everyone should be desperate to have. When it comes, it comes. Maybe along the way, you will meet the guy God has placed for you or maybe you've already found him, but it's not yet the time for it. So for now, love yourself until someone comes knocking at your heart in the right time and love you whole and for the person that you are. That's the best and epic love that we all deserve.

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

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