Monday, 24 March 2014

The Changes

     Something inside me just kicked in and had me open a new tab and go to Blogger. I just realized how lazy I was (or maybe too busy) for not blogging these past few days. Quite a lot of things have been holding me back and I can't seem find the drive to write a new post. So given an adequate time tonight (and since I'm free of school-related and SC work), I choose to blog a random topic and type everything that comes into my mind and not worrying if I unconsciously made an ungrammatical sentence or commit a typo error. Haha.

     You've been warned, guys. Everything in here will be random. Haha.

     I just realized I've been around in the blogosphere for 3 years now. Yeah, I still cringe to the thought of that. I always have this tendency of sometimes stalking my own blog. Because of boredom, perhaps or maybe I was feeling nostalgic in those times that I want to revisit the writings I made. I went over to my blog archive and found some good ol' works. Knowing my poor and amateur-ish writing skills, I laughed at my own posts and very lame sentence structure. I got a lot of self-insults and self-feeling-critic comments.

    Okay I'm getting far behind with what I'm supposed to talk about here. See, I'm so random. And weird. And okay, can we now proceed?

    Let me start this off by saying, I noticed some changes in my blog and in myself.

    A year ago, what was once a platform for my personal essays and random experiences put into words had been transformed into a page for passion for fashion and style. This was once a place of inner thoughts and feelings combined. But then again, "change" came across and had me transformed it into something that was "in" during those times. And we're talking here of fashion blogging. Since then, I had this blog updated with me wearing trendy outfits and me taking outfit shots. I was so inspired by the people I look up to in fashion blogging that there are times I copy their style and learned the way they pose infront of the camera. 

    But change came running back and I started to lose my interest in fashion.

    Before, I had always remind myself that "repeating clothes is a crime". I even once thought I'd be caught by the fashion police for that dilemma. But now, I find myself slowly drifting away from my usual mantra. I just woke up one day, head straight to my own closet and grabbed the shirt I just worn the other week. Talk about sudden change of decision and lifestyle.

    Before, I always invest in flats or doll shoes. I would always search for the hottest trend in footwear and buy it instantly even if it takes a lot of time to cajole my mom. Haha. But now, I refuse to take a single cent from my pocket just for a pair of flats. I'd rather spend my earnings for sneakers because they're easy to style with and more comfortable in walking. I'm now into comfort over style.

   I just realized I'm that type of shirt-plus-jeans-then-sneakers kind of dresser. I'm never that fashionable girl who wears nothing but the latest trend in fashion. To be honest, I find it uncomfortable to wear outfits that are "hit" in the fashion blogosphere. I went to school once wearing a girly outfit. All eyes were on me as I walked on the hallways. It's like their eyes are looking at me judgmentally from head to toe then toe to head. I'm not used into that kind of exposure and I'd rather stay in our room for the rest of the day than go out and meet those judging eyes again.

    So here's my realization: I always go back to the things I'm into. To my blog, my unspoken thoughts turned into words and to myself, the girl who prefers to wear sneakers than walk in flats.

    Here's to the changes that never worked for some of us. Hahahahaha.

   Okay, how random.

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

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