Friday, 14 March 2014

You Know You're Joreina When ...... (and everything that is sooooo Joreina)

    1. Your bed-time consists of reading a book and finishing two or more chapters of it.

   2. You need an eye-mask (blindfold) for you to get sleep.
   3. Even up to this day, you still keep a diary and write regularly.
   4. You stick to morning rush and ends up forgetting the important things to pack.
   5. You can never go a day without hugging your sister, annoying your father and listening to the endless rants of your mother regarding her students.
   6. You talk to yourself A LOT and even argue with yourself. Everyday, there is a long debate going on inside your head.
   7. You sleep past 12 midnight and wake up at around 6:45 in the morning and continue sleeping during class discussions and while waiting for the next class.
   8. You once dreamed of taking up an Architecture class because (500) Days of Summer inspired you a lot.
   9. You either sketch or doodle or eat or listen to music when you are bored.
   10. You're a forgetful person. You have a post-it corner in your room wherein you jot down all the things that are needed to accomplish and write inspirational words that can motivate you.
   11. The first thing you see upon waking up is the post-it note saying, "Good morning, beautiful. Something amazing is bound to happen today."
   12. You enjoy listening to sad and mellow music.
   13. You can actually imitate the voice of Kim Chiu and Nina Dobrev. You're just too shy to show it in public.
   14. You get thrilled when someone mentions or you overheard people talking about "The Vampire Diaries."
   15. You can never leave house without your rosary. And you can't go out without applying lipbalm. Because that's the only cosmetic that you want to use.
   16. You prefer to wear a tee, skinny jeans and sneakers. You're at your most comfortable self with that kind of get-up.
   17. You end your sentences with "so..uhmm. yeah."
   18. You say "Seriously", "As in?", and "Really?"a lot.
   19. You're allergic to crabs and shrimps (unfortunately, your favorites) yet you still eat them no matter what.
   20. You'd rather stay at home, reading a book, than go out (sometimes).
   21. You're a big fan of weddings just because you're a hopeless romantic.
   22. You're always tasked to send GMs about class attendance, practice and other school-related activities.
   23. You're fond of paintings and everything related to art.

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

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