Friday, 17 August 2012


   I competed for an Extemporaneous Speaking in our school in the annual celebration of our Filipino Language. The annual event aims to give importance and trace us back to the origin of the language. It's also a means to give praises to the forefathers who fought for our right and deeply appreciated the language and the country.

   It's a mix emotion for me, of course. Happy, because I have yet to compete again for an impromptu speaking which I really miss back when I was still in High School. Sad and Devastated because I wasn't able to finish my speech which required a 5-minute delivery. I failed and didn't give a proper credit to my coach who seriously prepared and honed me in Filipino before the said contest. But then, after walking out from the spotlight, he gave me a tight hug and comforting words backstage.

  Thanks to Sid Madamba, Sir Mark Fernandez and Ma'am Luvee Aquino, for the hugs and encouraging words :)

 So, here's my look after the contest. My make up's worn out.

 I wish I could be this visually tall in person!

Dress from Positive Attitude | Wedge from Liberte | Bracelets and necklace from Random Boutique

What do you think about my look?

Have all the best of love. Break free- Joreina


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