Monday, 20 August 2012

Details from the Last Post

   Because I didn't bother to update my last post and include these photos, I decided then to create another post. Indulge in.

 Detachable collar from Never Been Kissed :)
 Wedge from Liberte
 Bag from XOXO and bracelets from random boutiques
The complete set of garments I wore on that day.

Floral top from Positive Attitude | Shorts from a random boutique | Detachable Collar from Never Been Kissed | Wedge from Liberte | Bag from XOXO | Bracelets from random boutiques

As I promised, I posted more details about the post I made yesterday.
Good morning and God Bless :)

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina


  1. in love with your leopard collar dear is so cute that is final touch of your look following you hope you follow me back.
    I invited you to join my giveaway on my blog CHEKC IT OUT

    1. I already followed you, Ms. Virgit! I religiously visit your blog and hype your looks on Lookbook. :) sure. Sure. I'll be glad to join your giveaways :)


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