Sunday, 20 April 2014

Joreina Goes to Places: Paseo de Paoay

What better way to celebrate Easter Sunday than to gather all your family members and dine out somewhere near to your place? We're thankful that a new establishment, Paseo de Paoay, in our town opened recently near the St. Augustine Church, popularly known as the Paoay Church. We were feeling tourists at that moment so we headed to SPAM, a branch of the most visited dining place in Laoag, La Preciosa. 

As soon as we entered the place, we were greeted by a cheerful staff then they ushered us to our table. 
I swear, they offer affordable yet delicious meals. You won't even dare to get your money back.

The trusted bag which I won't trade for anything in this world. Haha.

If only you would see all of these when you open your refrigerator. It will be a struggle to choose which one to pick. 
  Carrot Cake
 Blueberry Cheesecake.
My go-to dessert :)
 (forgive my lame food blogging attempt)
I never had tasted a juicier chicken fillet dipped into a more heavenly flavor of gravy other than this. This one's a must-try. 

 Italian Spaghetti
 Can you consider this a candid shot? No? Okay. Haha.
 Or this? Still no? Fine. Haha.
 I get hyper whenever I'm around with kids especially when I bond with my cousin, Chloe. We've never seen each other for months and we only get to hang out on special occasions only. So I made most out of the moment I had with her. I became, again, the great "ate (sister)" to my sibling and to her. But I'm always a great sister. Haha.

 Hi, Mommy and Daddy! Look how much we've grown already. Hope you're here with us physically and watch us grow into the most beautiful person we are bound to be. We miss you always.  
 Funny how my Tita became a photobomber here. Haha.
So I'd like to introduce to you, one of my favorite aunts, Cristina Arzadon. She's my inspiration when it comes to writing. She's my ultimate critic when it comes to essays and any paperwork. 

There you go again, my signature tourist-y pose. Haha.
I feel like a tourist in my own town. Haha.

"And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins."
1 Corinthians 15:17

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina


  1. Hi! I was wondering if I could use the SPAM photo for my blog? :)

    1. Hello! Hope you could credit me for the photos. :)


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