Thursday, 1 May 2014

WE MET AND WE TALKED AND IT WAS EPIC (A Story of How They Were Able to Meet)

Just when she thought only Elena Gilbert could say these words, "we met and we talked and it was epic", a moment was already bound to happen. 

      She was waiting for opportunities- opportunities she had never experienced, opportunities she won't ever missed the time they will all pass by, opportunities that may land her a place in the course she's presently taking up. People around her tagged as her as just another daughter of a faculty member in the university; that she is just a freshman student in the AB English Studies program who's a Communication Arts major that made her noticed by the other teachers in the college because her mom's working in a high position as a Assistant Professor. But little did they know she hates any form of connection. She won't ever use a high authority for her to step up and be popular. She'd rather take the steps than ride on an elevator. She'll do it in her own way. She wants to make a brand for herself.

      And then the opportunity came on one fateful day of August. Everyone was busy preparing for the Buwan ng Wika Celebration in the school. When you're still new in an environment, culture lag is considered normal. Since she was still a freshman then, she knew nothing about what was going on. She felt no care about the activities for the event. All she ever did was to worry about how she could ace her upcoming examinations.

      She thought she would just be an audience member, patiently waiting for the activity to start while chatting with friends across the room about how hot the weather was or complain about the hours they have extended before they start the show. She was wrong on that part.

      Then came, Mr. Mark Fernandez.

     "I remember you. You're a speaker, right?" he approached while I was heading to my mom's office.

     "I was a member of our school's Debate Society back in high school, Sir. Yeah, that makes me sort of a speaker," which is true.

     "Can you all do us a favor. We need you for the Flip Top."

     Then her thoughts drifted her back to the videos she and her sister watch every night. It's a battle for boys, boys who got that swag and can talk on the spot spontaneously, giving out witty and snide remarks about the topic (or She was about to decline the offer but then,

      "I'll try, Sir" was she could afford to say.

      "You'll make it. JC Sabangan will be your partner, so you don't have to worry."

      But maybe if she didn't went through the competition, she would never experience how it feels like to try something that's beyond her comfort zone. Something that normal girls will never do.

      She'd never be exposed to the feeling of being the only girl in the event. The feeling of being surrounded by intimidating boys, the loud shouts from the crowd, and the weird looks to her of the audience would've made her feel uneasy all throughout the event. If she didn't turn around her head, she could've missed a handsome face. And then her eyes met the face. Maybe she had stared for too long if only she wasn't interrupted by the event's host.

      Then Mg Clyde, the host, walked toward where the handsome face is seated then asked him a question. She listened intently, as if she was absorbing the words he was saying and recording his voice. She glanced at his face again, hoping she could be noticed but he was pretty busy talking to his buddy. And she found herself lost just by gazing.

     Then something inside her jolted her back to the present scenario. Suddenly, she twitched her palms and exuded the feeling of nervousness she'd been burying inside herself. She felt stupid for looking at him for that long when he could not even notice him. She sighed to that thought.

    They made it to the two rounds. Shocked that they were able to manage it. But lost it in the third round.

     She was looking at the view outside. From where she was situated, she could see the dysfunctional fountain at the back of the Teatro Ilocandia. She shifted her eyes and saw the guy wearing a red shirt with a handsome face walking into her direction. He pulled out the chair infront of her and then spoke to her.

     If he was only looking through her, he could've noticed how much she had blushed and how hard it was to control the joy she was feeling then.

     For the first time, she found it hard to breathe. Like, even holding her breath suffocated her and at anytime she was about to burst because of giddiness. But she remained calm, though fighting to flash her megawatt smile and obvious admiration.

    "You have a sister in Science High School (MMSU-LHS SC), right?"

    She thought, Wow, he's really talking to me now. Please slap me, I must be dreaming."

    She took a deep breath before answering while still controlling the happiness she was feeling and trying not to focus too much in his eyes, afraid that she might get lost.

    She managed to nod.

    "You actually look like her."

    Yeah, she said to herself, I heard that a lot of times already.

    All she could ever think about that time was, "We met. We talked. And it was epic." It was her most favorite line from the series, The Vampire Diaries. She was thinking of fireworks and of Stefan and Elena's sweet moments together.

    Then it was time for the guy to get back on the game so he left her while she was still trying to convince herself they did actually talk.

   He would never know how magical the brief talk they had was for her. That even if she was under pressure, she was able to find an inspiration. He would never realize that just one gaze at him, it could take her to places- happy places where she flies together with winged-hearts.

    Since then, she was not only waiting for opportunities anymore, but of moments as well.

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