Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lazy Dressing

   Okay, here's to six days with no outfit post. Yes, I barely survived those tragic days. My sister was not available for the whole week since she had to take and review for their periodical test. That's truly understandable but for a blogger like me, it's important to manage your time both on studies and on blogging. When you put your heart and dedication to your craft, you can do everything even the most possible thing you thought  would be totally difficult. I learned that from my trusted and the best-est magazine I collect each month, Candy Magazine. :) Hihi. I'm a Candy Girl!
 My blog post today is all about lazy dressing. It's all about wearing and layering pieces but could still show a beautiful outfit.
 I"m a lazy dresser actually. I don't mind if I look really haggard on the things wore as long as I'm comfortable.

 Maybe it's the kind of weather we're experiencing now in the Philippines that made me think of this look. Wear a cardigan or even unbutton polo shirt over a shorts and a sleeveless top for the bipolar weather.
 Yay. It's so nice that I could finally wear my polo shirt from Amanda Bynes. Thanks to my Grandmother. I'm still a fan, you know.

Sleeveless Top and Necklace from my Mother | Shorts from Bazaar | Polo shirt from Dear By Amanda Bynes | Flats from my Tita

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Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina


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