Thursday, 7 June 2012

More fun in the Philippines

  Museum dates back all of the things the past brought an impact to our generation right now. Some, may have been completely forgotten by teenagers. That's why there are museums to bring back ancient times.

(Okay. So this wan't properly arranged because of the Uploading necessaries)
So. Let's start with this art-deco on a room alloted for a photo gallery of the famous Ilocano heroes that boost our nationalism. A displayed glass that has a miniature scenario of the execution of the three priests named GOMBURZA (Father Mariano Gomez, Father Jose Burgos, Father Jacinto Zamora) 

 A replica of a vessel that was used in the old times for trading.
 Ilocano dresses. I could imagine women wearing this Filipiniana during those times.
 Construction of the world-renowned UNESCO Heritage Site, Paoay Church.

 The Tobacco Monopoly

 An exact replica of a "garrote" that was used to execute the GOMBURZA priests.
 A Treasure Chest. How classic.
 I have no idea what this is. I just captured it right on time before we leave
 A look of the ancestral house.

 It's common for Filipino houses to have an art gallery on their dining room.
 look what I found. An old-times telephone. We had one like that when I was a child.
 Known for being religious, Ilocanos display their collection of religious figurines.

 Piano. My favorite
 Cello. We were not allowed to play it or even touch it.
 Look! This captured my attention. This was a telephone, I think?
 Dining room
 A glimpse of the bed rooms.
 A sewing machine
 Take a look on Father Burgos' Bedroom

 This was Father Jose Burgos
 Grammy. Joke.


 A coffin in the old times

 These are their musical instruments

 Weapons in the ancient times
 Also a weapon
 Baskets and things used for fishing


 Machine for weaving
 Father Burgos
 Art gallery of the Ilocano Heroes

 The Battle of Tirad Pass

There are a lot to in Ilocos. It's more fun in the Philippines.

Have all the best of love. Break free. Joreina

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