Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dress + Skirt

Dressing up is always my favorite sport! I would discover some clothes that I could mix and match with the other. Whenever I shop, I see to it I buy a comfortable attire that I could combine with my old clothes.

You may have seen this dress before but I gave this a new look on a more girly way.  I added n "oomph" by injecting a skirt underneath and a trusted sneaker.

       I just love how it makes me feel comfortable over a breezy weather. It's flowy and I love how it fits me when I turn around.

 Belts are commonly used to emphasize our slim hips. Gear up your attire with a slip-on belts. They are a must!
I have no idea how this get-up popped out of my mind instantly.
 Underneath my dress is a skirt. Woah. This is also a fashion trend nowadays.

 To neutralize my uber-girly attire, I tried to wear my sneakers courtesy of Nike. Yay!

@ohohmario I hope he'll notice me someday.
When Mario Maurer visited our town Ilocos for their movie Suddenly It's Magic with Erich Gonzales, i was so excited that I can't wait to see him! When I first saw him, I instantly let out a big scream that drove others to look at me so WEIRDLY. Haha
 Nearly crying because we are not permitted to take a picture with Mario :'(((

 I'm a Candy Girl, too. Yay! Someday, I'm going to work there!

Okay, so much for that. There's more to life than fashion. Don't be a victim of fashion. You don't have to elevate your social status so that you can blend in with elite people. Please. Don't be. BE YOURSELF. You're Unique in your own way.

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

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