Sunday, 16 September 2012

Impromptu Shoot

   FINALLY! After days of waiting (remembering I saved this as a draft because of incomplete photos), I can now breathe normally and stop uttering words (which I'm not supposed to blurt out) because of slow internet connection and the turtle speed of blogger uploader. 

   So, here's the thing. My friends decided to do an impromptu shoot right after the 2012 CAS Socialization. We did it at the beautiful place of Paoay. HAHA. Dive into these photos. Mind you, we're not that too pros when it comes to modelling. Let's just say, we're just youngsters having fun and basking in the sunny place of Ilocos' pride, Paoay :)

 Charlene Galinato. Lyka Balantac. Dwight Africa. Joreina Blanco
 Dwight Africa. Lyka Balantac. Joreina Blanco. Rhesty Sadang

   We take turns in capturing others' photos. :)

Models: Charlyn Galinato. Lyka Balantac. Dwight Africa. Rhesty Sadang. (and yours truly) Joreina Blanco.

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina


  1. in love with the yellow skirt you wear Dear so pretty lady like

    1. Hi, Ms. Virgit! Thanks for the sweet comment. And I can't believe one of my favorite fashion bloggers posted a comment on my blog! Yay :)


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