Monday, 16 July 2012

My Mom's Gonna Scold Me For This

   Basing from the title of my blog today, these photos represent "coming-out-from-comfort-zone". Because of my friends' initiative and creative minds, I finally spread my wings and do the stuff that I really want. And that's Dressing-Up. I'm not really into Fashion but I'm greatly influenced by Lookbook users and my favorite fashion bloggers. But, typically I'm a girl who wears jeans and tees on school and not conscious about how I look infront of others.

   For my first ever Photoshoot, I collaborated with my friends (which I'll be posting soon) and a classmate of ours who did our make-up and worked as a creative director of our photoshoot. Haha.

   I wore a neutral violet top to match with my floral cardigan. And I injected another floral design which is my leggings. I managed not to look over the top so I wore my black doll shoes.

More photos coming.

Model: Ma. Joreina Therese A. Blanco
Make-Up Artist: Ernesto Sadang III
Outfits: Model's own
Photographer: Ernesto Sadang III

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

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