Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Last February 14 Night!

    Such a pity I didn't have an entry about my last Junior-Senior Promenade. This should've been on my blog long time ago if I constantly reminded myself. Haha. So here it goes. 

    On our last Prom, I would say is the worst (yeah. You read it right) and non-extravagant occasion I have attended. We had no formal theme and there was still the never-ending styro food. Why do they love this? I might blog my first attendance to Junior-Senior Promenade later.

 My fellow GLAMBERT Fan- Vina Denise Malabayabas. My partner in crime all the time. We have a lot of similarities. I tell you.

 Actually, these photos didn't come from my camera. I brought my camera with me but I didn't use it.
Joreina Blanco. Tina Ignacio. Rowena Moneda. Camille Rosales. Faith Agbayani. Mayrose Dela Cruz. Monique Rapacon

 Faith. Grace. Mayrose. Kristine. Camille.April. Joreina
 My petite and very kalog bestfriend, Angel Dela Cruz. Yay. We're of the same height that night. Hihi.
 I so miss this girl. She's the one I can turn on to whenever I have a problem in Trigonometry. I kid you not.

 My bestfriend since the start of my high school life. Christian Faith Agbayani. Now, that we're on different colleges now, we still find time to interact through text and sudden meet-up.

 With our very-comical and still the corniest Trigonometry teacher- Mr. Jonathan Pedro.

 Hello to my power buddies. April. Kristine. CJ. Joreina. Faith. And the one who took this shot, Rowena. These are my friends I always hang out with.

 I know, I'm small though I wore a 3-inch stilettos.

 This is Tina. My buddy when it comes to latest gossip in the campus and my fellow fangirl-ing mate.We even had the chance to see Mario Maurer in flesh!

 Monique. Joreina. Angel. Just see how Monique's gown screamed Marvelous.
 Hi, Faith. We both planned to wear cocktail dress on Prom. Buddies, eh?

 High School Barkada

 On stage. After prom.
 Forever One Direction fan, Andrea Dumlao

 Faith and I obliged to do a wacky pose. And we felt like an idiot after seeing this photo.

   In all due fairness, there are a lot of boys who mustered courage to dance with me. Yay. Suddenly, I missed Jayven. My first ever dance partner on JS. Anyways, I had a blast partying with my classmates. Hihi. We partied like there's no tomorrow and we gamely dance under the disco ball. Haha.

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

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