Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sporadity of Blues

If only love matters not the age,
An affair will last forever with freedom and courage.
If only love questions not the distance,
Some things in love can run with tolerance.

If only love concerns not the height,
Arms would reach out each other so tight.
If only love pertains not the weight,
Still, true love can wait.

I wish heartbreaks cease to exist
Happiness and freedom can rule the world in bliss.
I wish fairy tales are true,
Love would be spelled differently from what I knew.

I wish pleasing people is as easy as learning the alphabet,
Just like what the moon and stars at night meant.
People will learn somehow that age, distance, height and weight don’t matter,
In virtual life, they are just damn numbers.

This was our output in our subject English. it reminded my of my Happy Crush :"">

Have all the best of love. Break free.-Joreina

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