Saturday, 15 February 2014


"How do I unwrite the past?"
"How do I undo the mistakes?"
"How do I unlove you?"

These are the startling lines of the new movie of Star Cinema, "Starting Over Again". I must admit, the trailer is already a tear-jerker. Making me more interested and eager to watch it sooner. But let's not talk further about this movie. I just want to lead you towards the point of writing this post.

Let's take the first line, "How do I unwrite the past?".

Some of us have already asked this to ourselves. Really, how can you unwrite the past? I'm taking this question as a rhetorical question- not answerable. It's actually questioning us on how rational we are to alter the past events in our lives that led us to where we are right now. Clearly, we're unhappy about our present situation. If only moments were written by hand, we'd unhesitantly grab an eraser and do some amendments in the paper. But we make our lives through our decisions. And fate is something we kept believing on. We can't unwrite the past, it only serves us as a reminder. We can't just simply jump into a time machine, press the date that you want to revisit then hit the ENTER button. As what that John Green quote always mentally tells me, "Life is not a wish-granting factory". Why am I not surprised?

"How do I undo the mistakes?"

When something goes wrong on MS Word, we would immediately press Ctrl then Z to undo the error. But life is not a Ctrl-Z-machine. It's not controlled by keyboard or navigated by a mouse pointer. What has been said and done always stays there, living a mark permanently. Mistakes are inevitable. Those are the things that make us human. Those are the things that make us whole. Those are the things that make us stronger. You can't undo mistakes, you just learned from them. And with that, you wouldn't make the same mistake twice. It's a long-time learning process.

"How do I unlove you?"

This has to be the most difficult question to answer. Really, how can you unlove a person? Can you just simply snap your fingers then the feelings will be totally gone? Can you just condition your mind to stop your feelings for that person? My answer, my dear friend, is that it'll take time before your love for a person subsides. It will take weeks, month, years, centuries. I've been there. I've asked this question to myself a lot of times now. We ask this questions when we can no longer take the hurt, the pain and the grief when the person we love can't love us back. In short, we're stuck in an unrequited love. I hate getting stuck here. But it seems like it's becoming my zone already. I've been there thrice already? I don't know.  You continually give the person love but the other remains still and apathetic over your feelings for him. I'm tired of this routine already. And one thing that could put an end to that is to tell yourself that you should stop loving that person and to move on. Guys, it's hard.

You can never unlove a person. But you can love them in a different way.

Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina

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