Monday, 22 April 2013


   We all have that number one anthem that personally describes your life's situations. Like, the song is perfectly and creatively composed for you. You listen to it whenever you seek for motivation, need for inspiration, and when you want to uplift your determination.

    I just want to share with you, lovely readers, a song that fills up my energy level. When you hear this, for sure you'll love the music and its lyrics. But when you listen to it, word by word, bit by bit, you'll feel stronger, braver and most importantly, fiercer. This song is all about moving on, accepting what has happened and getting up when you fall down.

    Please let me hear your thoughts about Kelly Clarkson's Stronger. And I would definitely appreciate it if you also share with me your motivation-booster anthem, too :)

Now to my outfit, I've always loved the style equation FLORALS + DENIM combo outfit. I love how floral prints speak of my kind of style aesthetic and I adore how denim works well with any kind of print. Denim tones down a print in a subtle way when the print looks very loud and striking. Floral+Denim is a no-fail summer/spring get-up that never goes out of style. Right? Right?
 Since my kind of style are casual and laid-back, print and experimental, I chose to combine them in a single outfit. The denim button-down dress goes with the casual vibe. You can wear it alone, or match it with pieces from your closets. That's why I love this staple. I would be willingly happy to purchase another one :)

The floral dress (which I've been constantly exposing here) best represents my love of prints. Floral dresses are one of the easiest pieces that can be styled effortlessly. This floral dress is actually a childhood dress that I don't remember a time wearing it. It's fantastic that it still fits me knowing that I've been feeling like I've grown fat and chubby and pieces like this from my younger years are impossibly hard to wear anymore. But surprise surprise! It still does suit me. :D

As for my experimental side, I opted to wear my pearl necklace. *Please just for a moment, lower one of your brows* (HAHA). FOR ME (let me emphasize it), pearl necklace is not limited for formal events only. The only difference is that you can wear pearl necklace with the right amount of style. Take this outfit that I came up, it's casual, yes, but for casual occasions, you can even match pearls here. I planned not to wear excessive amount of accessories here. The pearl necklace speaks of simplicity and sophistication. Wear it alone in any occasion or event (may it be a group hang-out, school or work outfit, formal and simple gatherings) and you can still stand out. *wink*

Such a lengthy post I've created in here. But atleast I get to share with you little bits of my style.
Quick recap: There are no rules in fashion. Haha.

Denim button-down: GAP | Floral dress: Unknown | Pearl Necklace: Mother | Wedge: Rusty Lopez

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Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina


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  2. the dress is gorgeous it looks great with denim and the song is touching dear love it

    1. Yes! I do agree, Ms. Virgit!! Thanks!

  3. hey babe, how many lovely dressese do u own??????

    1. Owww, I don't have a lot of dresses, Ms. Elisa. Haha. I think just quite a few :D

  4. I WANT YOUR DRESS! It looks so good on you! :)

    Ericka of

  5. cute combination!!!

    Thanks for dropping by...



  6. Floral print looks so lovely on you, sweetie! Nice outfit! :)

  7. Hello beauty. Nice blog of yours.

    Let's follow each other?

    Let me know :)

  8. such a cute look!


  9. That dress is so bright and cheery! Love the tiny, colorful floral print on it!
    You look so incredibly pretty, Joreina!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  10. I woudn't change a thing.

  11. Love this layered look! You are right any print goes well with denim. You look very nice!

  12. I LOVEEEE that song & I love your dress as well! haha :)

    Have a Fabulous Friday!

    My Blog, Crystal Chizoba
    My YouTube Channel

    1. I super love it, too! Thanks, Crystal! :)

  13. So chic and pretty!!!! Great pictures as well! Followed you with GFC, hope you can do same;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  14. Love your dress
    I follow you!
    Hope you can follow back if you like mine blog too,
    I will be so glad :D

    Lots of love,



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