Monday, 12 November 2012


    Have you ever been afraid to show your inner fashionista in public? When it comes to dressing up, have you ever felt conscious on how would people think if you wear something you're not used to? Have you purchased a lot of trends but still kept inside your closet and haven't shown it to the world? I, for one, had gone through all of that. I've been really shy showing up in public wearing different kinds of stuff (or trends) that I earned. Back then, I was just a teeny-bopper in casual tees and typical jeans who didn't mind on styles and fashion. I only wear simple dress and don't even look after accessories. I'm a girl who has a mantra of "Even less becomes BEST".

    Until I saw a style program on etc, "Etcetera: Capsules for the Stylish Youth" hosted by Patti Grandidge and Kim Jones. It's a show that showcases a lot of things for the people who adore fashion and style. It gives the audience a view of the fashion industry and what's in and what's out this year. The first time I watched an episode of the show, it featured two stylish trendsetters in Manila, Camille Co and Danika Navarro. I never did know about fashion bloggers. My blog was just once an avenue of my thoughts and daily experiences. It metamorphisized into a place for my love of fashion. Thanks to, ETC.
 This could be my go-to outfit when just strolling in the mall or having dates with friends :)
 You can never go wrong with Striped Top, Skirt, Blue Cardigan and wedge. :)
 And of course, SPIKE CUFFS!

 I could wear this cuff everyday!!!

Striped Top from Chris and Carol | Cardigan, Skirt and Wedge from Thrift Stores | Spike Cuffs from an online shop |

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Have all the best of love. Break free.- Joreina


  1. Sometimes I feel the same way but most of the time I don't give a damn! hahaha!
    Just show the world who you are and what you feel and I tell you it's worth it! ヅ

    P.S. Thanks for commenting on our blog, I'm sorry if it took so long for us to follow back.
    Your newest GFC follower#12 by the way.

    How about following each other on Twitter, Facebook and Look Book too?

    1. Thank you so much. Hihi. Thanks for giving me the motivation to just be myself in everything that I do. Glad you finally followed me. :) I'll be happy to be your fan on Lookbook, too

  2. That skirt is super cute. I love it paired with that stripey tee :) xx



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