Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Dose of Happiness

   A quick view outside the window seal of the car: dark nimbus clouds sailed across the heavens as tiny droplets of rain began ponderously cried out. It must be another sullen day, I forecasted. It's been raining like forever in the past few weeks. Watching hard showers hit the concrete ground reminds me of a melancholic view of what's going to happen onwards. I managed then to bring out my handy fuchsia umbrella then jumped out of the car. I could hear the heavy drops as it hit my brolly and even attempted to dodge off watery pavements as I enter the portals of our school. I could clearly see the wide-opened door of our room few steps away. Students in their casual uniforms loiter around the campus in their brollies. It seemed like no classes were going on. I, then, breathe out a heave of relief and started to march. I proceeded and my eyes zoomed at the sight of my classmates busily rushing over their homework on Trigonometry. My eyes got used to the scenario of cramming, procrastinating, boys doing their usual thing, ladies spilling out conversations on the first period in the morning. Then my eyes wandered of at the view of chasing raindrops on the window then thoughts in my head swirled back down the memory lane.

   My mind traveled back at the voyage we've been through towards excellence. What really ties us up in union is cooperation. Our pompous kind of coordination binds us to work harder through the year's learning process coupled with optimism. Being with them soothes restless souls like how my favorite musicals imbibe my weaken being's unbearable strains. Problems, little by little, are inclined and appeared as laughter and dose of happiness combat them. Unsettling feelings dissolved. Anxieties ceased. It's like a huge weight of burden is lifted up from my chest. Being with them is like water in the desert.

   Through toils and struggles in our merciless yet gratifying high school life, our uneasy beings relive up and energize as we go penetrate and withstand detractors in school wholly. This is what I adore most in us. Our love for each other and the way we unselfishly care each one of us. We, in unison, never want to lose any complicated battle. This rises up to the occasion how I idolize the batch I belong to. I found my real asylum in them.

have all the best of love. break free.- joreina

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